What’s the Best ED Treatment in 2022?

Our ED guide focuses on cost, effectiveness, convenience and other details concerning erectile dysfunction treatments including free trial information

More than half of men will grapple with ED in their lifetime. Though the condition does affect more men of older age than younger men – half of erectile dysfunction patients across the United Kingdom are over the age of 60 , men who suffer from ED vary in age. 5 percent of men younger than age 40 suffer from complete ED and are unable to achieve an erection with no treatment. If any of this describes your case, then you’re the only one. ED is a common condition. A recent study found that about a third of males have ED to some degree.

Thankfully, it’s also an illness that’s easily treatable in 2022. There are numerous ED treatments proven to work for the majority of men suffering from ED. So, the question is: what is the best ED therapy for me?

To help you make a choice, we’ve tested and reviewed the major providers and treatments and examined all of the scientific research. Here we’ll break down the options you have.

To start, for those looking to speed things up Here’s a brief summary of our suggestions.

What is the best ED treatment?

Best overall: MenScript sildenafil

If money is not an issue: Manual Cialis

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Most convenient for you: Manual Cialis

Best for morning sex: MenScript sildenafil

Men who believe that Viagra will be their only option to them. MenScript Viagra

Erectile dysfunction (ED) and what can trigger it

ED is the term used for the condition of being unable to achieve or maintain an erection long enough to allow for satisfying sexual activity. So it encompasses a few scenarios:


  • It is possible to have an erection but are unable to keep it for an extended period of time.



  • You may be able to stand semi-erect but you will not be fully firm.



  • It’s not going to happen at all.



  • Sometimes, men will get erections Sometimes, but they won’t.


What can cause ED?

There are a myriad of reasons for ED. Although it is more frequent as men age, this isn’t a something that is a normal aspect of aging; Erectile dysfunction isn’t something men or their spouses should “just accept”. Also, it’s not at all something which should be the cause of shame or embarrassment. It’s a normal occurrence that can be cured by a variety of routes that could lead to it:


  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)



  • Obesity



  • Diabetes



  • Stress



  • Consumption of alcohol, tobacco or drugs (recreational or prescribed)



  • Sleep disorders and exhaustion



  • Depression and anxiety


Important points to consider when discussing with a health professional

Before you decide to embark on an ED treatment, you should be sure to talk with your healthcare physician. If you are planning to utilize any of the prescribed ED treatments, you’ll have to get an order from a physician who will review your medical history and your current health to determine the medication that is appropriate for you.

But even if a prescription treatment isn’t the best method of treatment, it’s still smart to consult with a healthcare professional. This is due to the fact that there are many potential reasons for ED and your issues with erection may be indicative of an underlying issue that requires medical treatment.

We are happy to inform you that a few of our top recommendations for best ED treatment include free consultations with a physician who can assist you.

Treatment options for ED that require prescription

When it comes to accessible ED medicines, here are your top choices:

Sildenafil (brand example: Viagra, available in generic form)

Tadalafil (generic available, brand ex: Cialis)

Avanafil (Stendra)

Believe it or not, all of them work in the same way, achieving the same result. They’re all classified as “PDE-5 inhibitors” and they help or increase the effect of nitric oxide in our bodies.

How do PDE-5 inhibitors work?

What is nitric oxygen do? It regulates vasodilation (widening of blood vessels) in the penis and increases the flow of blood. Nitric oxide (NO) basically tells certain muscles in the penis to relax. The relaxation of these muscles allows blood flow to rise to the tissues of the penis. This causes penis’s size to increase and to become and stiff, thus forming the erection.

PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase-5) is a chemical that the body releases in order to signal that it’s time for the erection to end. PDE-5 inhibiters can reduce the activity of PDE-5 and allow the NO process to continue and bringing about an erection.

Utilizing one of these medications does not guarantee instant erections, but thankfully it is still necessary to stimulate. When stimulation occurs, the medicine gives a helping hand to boost the production of nitric oxide , and the effects it has, resulting in an sexual erection.

Are these ED medication suitable for me?

There are specific contraindications for each one of the drugs (i.e. the reasons behind for people not to make an attempt at using it). Individuals with certain liver heart, or kidney issues may not be able to take ED medicines without risk. The patients who take alpha-blockers and nitrates for hypertension may have to find other ways to manage their ED. There are additional health issues that can make PDE-5 drugs unsafe for males.

This is why they require a prescription. Your physician consultant will know the most safe and efficient for you, based upon the medical history of you and any medication you currently use. The good news is that PDE-5 medicines for ED are prescribed widely and medical professionals consider them very safe for most men, with only very minor side effects observed.

Men having trouble discussing these issues in person with their doctor may opt for alternative online services like MenScript Manual or Treated. All three offer online consultations and prescriptions in an easy and quick online process. Manual and Treated deliver directly to United Kingdom, while MenScript offers their service to men across both their home countries of the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

For more information on MenScript and their services, go to: MenScript Online Health Clinic for Men.

Effects side-effects of PDE-5 inhibitors

Side effects, when they happen, tend to be moderate and usually include one or more that include:


  • Headache



  • A sensation of flushing in the face



  • Nasal congestion



  • Nausea or indigestion



  • Muscle pain



  • Dizziness


While they all use the same mechanism to treat ED Research has confirmed that the different PDE-5 inhibitors are able to cause mild negative side effects at different levels. In particular, a higher proportion of men who take sildenafil (and Viagra) report unwanted vision changes, while a slightly higher percentage of Tadalafil (and Cialis) users report muscles discomfort. Overall, the majority of men barely notice any side negative effects.

One of PDE-5 inhibitors can also cause your blood pressure to fall (though Stendra is less likely to cause this). It’s possible to believe that’s beneficial however, blood pressure that is too low can be dangerous. If you get dizzy from taking any of these medications, you should discuss with an expert in healthcare. This could signal a risky drop the blood pressure.

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